Frequently Asked questions about Saas-Fee

Below you find a list of frequently asked questions. If there is anything else you need to know or that we can help you with please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Where do I park my car?

As Saas-Fee is car-free you are only allowed to drive to the multi-storey car park at the beginning of the village. Every visitor must enter the car park when arriving in Saas-Fee (also for parking lot number 1). The terminals A and B are only used for loading and unloading your luggage. Please unload your luggage in one of these two terminals and park your car.

How do I get to my apartment or chalet?

To get to our apartment or chalet you have different possibilities:

1. You can move into your apartment or chalet on your own. Free handcarts are available at the tourist office for a deposit. We also deposit the keys that you can get into the apartment when it is ready. Please call us when you are at the apartment or write to us beforehand so we can explain to you where you find the keys.

2. You can call am electric taxi, you find the numbers at the end of this email.

3. You can call us and make use of our transport service with our electric car. For reasons of safety we are only allowed to transport one person for loading and unloading the luggage. If you wish to have passenger transportation as well, it is recommended that you call a taxi. Because we only have one electric car it can happen in busy times that we ask you to call a taxi or that you will have some waiting time. If this would be the case we ask for your patience and understanding.

Taxis in Saas-Fee:

Edelweiss: +41 (0)77 443 73 32

Bolero: +41 (0)27 957 70 20

Center-Reisen: +41 (0)27 958 11 35


During your stay, good to know:

Where can I find grocery stores, banks, tourist office, bus terminal ect?

In all of our apartments and chalets you find a village map where these things are marked. We are trying to provide everything that you might need in your first couple of days. You can buy everything else in the grocery stores Migros, Coop & PAM (see village map). Village map:

Where do I settle my bill?

In your apartment or chalet on the table you find an envelope, with your residual and/or taxes payments. We kindly ask you to settle the bill in our office until Wednesday evening. Our opening times are Monday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9am – 11am and 3.30pm – 6pm. Our Adress is:

König Immobilien Saas-Fee/GmbH
Bielmattstrasse 21
3906 Saas-Fee

We accept all major debit and credit cards, but we have to add the commission of the card companies to the final bill (3%). We also take cash payments or you can transfer the money before your arrival to our account.

What are the passes that I find in my apartment or chalet in the envelope for?

With your citizen passports you get several discounts like 10% off a 3 or more day ski ticket, discount in for the parking (just scan you pass when you pay the parking fee) or also for ski schools. Also, you can use the bus within the Saas Valley for free. To find out more about the passport and discounts visit:

Where do I find important phone numbers and other important information?

In the information folder in your chalet or apartment you find the most important phone numbers, the code for the wifi, timetable for the village bus and much more. For more information, you can always contact us or online.

Where do I get garbage bags?

Saas-Fee imposes fees for garbage bags. This is why only designated orange garbage bags can be used. You find one orange garbage bag in your apartment, if you need more you can buy them in every grocery store. Before you leave, please bring the garbage bags to the small wooden bin houses which are used as bin compounds. You can find these all over Saas-Fee. They are also marked in the village map.

Who do I contact if there is something missing in our apartment or chalet?

In case you are missing anything in your apartment or chalet, please let us know. Many things like Fondue Pot or Raclette oven we can rent out if needed.


Activities during your stay:

What activities do you recommend in Saas-Fee?

The main activities in Saas-Fee are skiing, climbing, biking and hiking (summer and winter) but there are lots of other things to do and explore in the village or on the glacier. Upon your arrival you will find an Information Guide with all the necessary Information, including prices for the ski lifts and other activities as well as maps of Saas-Fee, Saas-Grund and Saas-Allmagell. For any further information or recommendations you can always contact us or the Tourist office in Saas-Fee.

You want to be prepared for your stay? No worries, check out and explore your opportunities. On the Saas-Fee website you will also find whether forecasts, live web cams, Saas-Fee snow report, open lifts and much more. Also there is a new Saas-Fee App that you can download. With that you are always up to date. Find out more

Activities Saas-Fee (where find lots of suggestions for a bad weather day):

Where can I hire Ski gear in Saas-Fee?

There are lots of ski stores in Saas-Fee where you can hire skis. Appart from your main partner Egginer Sport (see our partners), there are many more. In low season like January or beginning of December we often offer special deals and packages. Please ask us for more information. It is recommended to do online reservations before your stay:

How do I get reductions on Skirental?

In your apparent you will find Vouchers to get discount on Ski Rental with Eggier Sport. If you do make online Reservation with Egginer Sport please leave a comment that you are staying with us.

Are there any Skischools in Saas-Fee?

Apart from Ski Zenit that we recommend if you want to improve your Skills with private lessons or if you want to explore more ski resorts in Valais like Zermatt or Verbier, there are three other ski schools in Saas-Fee:

Who do I contact for off piste skiing, alpine ski tours and climbing?

Saas-Fee guides offers off piste skiing, backcountry skiing, climbing, glacier walks, snowshoe hiking and more in summer and in winter.

Looking for a relaxing Spa day?

Another way to relax is to explore the various spa’s in the Saas valley and Saas-Fee:

Which restaurants and bars do you recommend?

There are several good restaurants and bars in Saas-Fee or in the whole valley to choose from, depending on what you are looking for. If you need recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find a list of all the restaurants in Saas-Fee here:

Are there any trips to other destinations in Valais or Switzerland that you would recommend?

Switzerland is very small, a fact that you should take advantage of. There are lots of things to explore not even in Saas-Fee but in the whole canton Valais and in the rest of Switzerland. You want make a day trip to our famous neighbor Zermatt, enjoy a relaxing SPA day in Leukerbad, visit the Unesco world heritage Altesch glacier or explore other ski ares in Valais like "Quatre Valais", Crans Montana or Porte du Soleil? No problem, most of these destinations can be reached within 1 or 2 hours by car. For more information about day trips please check out:



How do I get back to the bus terminal or the parking?

Due to our small capacity we cannot make any transports with our electric car at the date of departure. We encourage you to book ahead for a taxi service since otherwise waiting times can occur. For Taxi numbers please check the point arrival above.

What time do I have to check out?

Check-out time is 9am. If you leave earlier, it would be great if you can let us know beforehand. In some chases late check outs are accepted. Please understand that we can only inform about a possible late check-out one day before departure (depending on which of our apartments are being cleaned first). If you want to enjoy another skiing day in Saas-Fee? Then please contact us, usually there is a place where you can place your luggage (cellar or in our office) till you are leaving.

When leaving, where do a put the keys?

Please leave the keys in the apartment and leave the door open.

Is there anything that I have to do before leaving the apartment?

We would be very grateful if you could take away the linen and through away the garbage. Please make sure that you are not leaving any belongings behind (better check your apartment or chalet twice before you are leaving).